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Village near Razlog celebrates Todorovden with horse races

According to popular belief, from Todorovden ( Saint Theodore’s Day ) onwards, the day begins to grow and the weather gets warmer and warmer. It is believed that on this day everyone who has a horse should take part in the festive horse races...

07.03.20 08:15 |

We mark Saint Theodore's Day

According to folk beliefs, on Todorovden Saint Theodore rides a white horse and goes to see God and ask him to bring summer. Each time Saint Theodore goes to see God he would stick his spear into the ground and fasten his horse to..

04.03.17 09:10 |

Aujourd’hui, c’est aussi la Saint Todor!

En ce premier samedi du Grand Carême, l'Eglise orthodoxe commémore saint Théodore Tiron. Saint Théodore ou Todor est connu comme le saint protecteur des chevaux et il est représenté dans les icônes comme un cavalier sur un cheval blanc. La Saint Todor..

08.03.14 15:46 |
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