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99 restaurants on Black Sea coast inspected over anti-coronavirus measures

99 restaurants and shops on the southern Black Sea coast have been subject of inspections by officials of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency for a month, BNR-Burgas reports. At the height of the tourist season, focus is placed on the measures against..

06.08.20 19:05 |

Bulgaria attracts 50% of Romanian tourists usually vacationing in Turkey and Greece

For 2 months, Bulgaria has managed to attract 50% of tourists who usually spend their holidays in Turkey or Greece, according to an analysis by the Romanian travel agency Travel Planner. A number of tourists with average or above average incomes..

30.07.20 17:30 |
Dolphin neas Byala resort on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast

Tourists spot dolphins on beach in Bulgaria's Byala resort

Two large dolphins, which came out this morning only metres close to the shore, turned into an attraction for tourists on the central beach in the resort of Byala on the North Black Sea coast . The beachgoers gathered on the shore to watch the half-hour..

30.07.20 13:51 |

Bulgaria's tourist sector demands gratuitous state aid

The Future for Tourism Union has asked Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova to extend the deadline for refunding customers for already prepaid services. Before the protest scheduled for July 28, at a meeting with Nikolova,..

27.07.20 18:28 |

Tourist arrivals in Bulgaria from abroad plummet, as do Bulgarian arrivals in Greece

The number of foreign tourists coming to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast this summer will plummet by more than 80%, Sega newspaper writes, basing its estimates on the dramatic drop in the number of charter flights from Europe landing in Varna..

22.07.20 11:16 |

No delay for F-16 fighters project due to Covid-19

US Ambassador Herro Mustafa, Romanian Ambassador Ion Galea and Georgian Ambassador Tamara Liluashvili, along with Bulgaria's Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov and the Chief of Defense, Admiral Emil Eftimov, visited the Naval Coordination Element..

20.07.20 16:49 |

Mass layoffs of tourist sector personnel in Bulgaria's Black Sea coast resorts

Over 85% fewer tourists will visit Bulgaria's Southern Black Sea coast this summer, the chairman of the Burgas Regional Tourist Chamber, Ivan Ivanov, predicts. This summer, charter flights with tourists from abroad arrive on the Southern Black Sea..

20.07.20 14:51 |

Brashlyan village – dream, reality or something else?

Losing one’s way between history and modernity, stopping, or, even better, turning back time… We have all, at one time or another wanted to go back in time without leaving the present. There are places like that in Bulgaria, they still exist. One..

19.07.20 07:00 |

Most hotels on Black Sea coast cannot fill even half of their capacity

Most of the hotels on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast have not welcomed tourists yet and in the largest resort - Sunny Beach, only one of seven hotels has welcomed guests since the beginning of the tourist season, according to the Unified Tourist..

17.07.20 15:19 |
Sunny Beach

Tourists in Sunny Beach fewer than the staff working for them

In Sunny Beach, the foreign tourists are mostly from Poland, Romania, Czechia and Hungary.  However, they are very few in number for the high capacity of the resort. In the central parts of the resort the eating and drinking establishments..

07.07.20 16:54 |
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