Simona Petkova – football player with brave heart

In Gabrovo - the Bulgarian city of humor, not all stories start very joyfully. Just like the one of Simona, who grew up in a family of a mother and six siblings but kept dreaming of playing football at a crowded stadium. Today, she is a player of..

updated on 5/22/20 11:55 AM

Photographer Vasil Nikolov repairs computers for children in need

Silenced by the uncertainty what life will be once the coronavirus pandemic is over, we are drawing the balance sheet and promising ourselves to change. However, some people have always lived with the good-sometimes they deliberately look for it..

updated on 5/21/20 12:31 PM

Alone on the route "Kom-Emine"

A nice bike, food, a hammock and a backpack – that’s all you need to go on a long hike in the mountains. What remains invisible to the eyes are the huge dozes of enthusiasm, curiosity and love of the mountain and its inhabitants. They gave..

updated on 5/18/20 8:12 AM

Successes in track and field, and with pencil in hand

The life of Stefan Ivanov is a string of impressive successes as a track and field athlete but also in art as a self-taught artist. But what is even more impressive is the strength of mind which propels the young man forward in spite of all..

published on 5/17/20 7:50 AM

Alexandrina Pendatchanska: Now is the time to let the light flow in and open up our souls

The renowned Bulgarian opera singer has for years been a “free musician”, performing on the world’s most famous stages. Music critics around the world have been full of praise for her memorable performances and she has fans in..

published on 4/19/20 8:00 AM

Artist Nikolay Deliyanev presents innovative style in his exhibition "The Mystery of Vibrations"

The more you look at these abstract paintings, the more you feel the vibrations of colors, light and even air. This is the general impression of the first solo exhibition of young Bulgarian artist Nikolay Deliyanev in Sofia. It is on display in..

published on 10/21/18 9:05 AM