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Hisarya – a town with rich history and medicinal waters

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Many Bulgarians opt for a healthy vacation amid the coronavirus pandemic. Choosing a holiday destination in Sredna Gora mountain range rich in medicinal mineral water and clean air is the perfect option. The town of Hisarya attracts tourists during the winter with its wonderful hotels and Spa centers, which offer a series of healing procedures and rejuvenating treatments. Now the popular resort welcomes tourists from all parts of the country, despite the restrictions adopted to contain the spread of coronavirus infection.

There are 22 mineral springs in the town of Hisarya and its surroundings.

The healing properties of these waters were known to the ancient Romans. The town was established by the Roman Emperor Diocletian and was named after him- Diocletianopolis. The Romans built a marvelous town with wide streets, villas, aqueducts, marble baths and statues of gods. Nowadays, the local baths are among the best-preserved Roman baths in the Balkans.

Visitors can also see the best-preserved Roman city walls in Bulgaria. The southern gate called Kamilite (the Camels) is among Hisarya’s most emblematic landmarks. The gate is known as Kamilite, because it had broken in the middle and looked like two camels facing each other. You can learn more details about the town of Hisarya, the local tourist attractions and the opportunities for a spa holiday in this Bulgarian resort in Radio Bulgaria’s article: “Hisarya, the water that heals and rejuvenates you”.

Compiled by: Veneta Nikolova

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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