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Bulgaria in pictures

Bansko, "tiebreak" between summer and autumn. Photo: @funbansko

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Bulgaria in Pictures

Veliko Tarnovo on St. Dimitrius Day – the traditional march to the St. Dimitrius Church and Museum in honor of the Assen and Peter Uprising. The historical event gave the start of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom 835 years ago. Photo: BTA

published on 10/26/20 5:54 PM

Bulgaria in Pictures

A park in Plovdiv - the tenderness of Indian Summer...  Photo: BTA

published on 10/23/20 11:24 AM

Bulgaria in Pictures

Sofia – the first photo of the snow leopard Niks. This is the only, for the Balkans, representative of the very rare species of Panthera Unica. The latest acquisition of Sofia Zoo arrived from the Zoological Garden of Ihlawa, the Czech..

published on 10/22/20 5:01 PM