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Bulgaria in Pictures

| updated on 4/1/20 3:35 PM

The town of Gabrovo, central Bulgaria – the Bulgarian capital of humour. For the first time in many years the place shows no mood of joking April-1st humour!  Photo: BTA

In the sky over Sofia, one of the only two planes to land at Sofia Airport today. The plane was caught in the frame of the golden domes of St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral. Photo: BTA

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Bulgaria in Pictures

The town of Haskovo, southern Bulgaria. By tradition on the feast of Enyovden (Midsummer’s Day), the central part of the town is the venue of a crafts bazaar, entitled “Bulgarian made!”   Photo: BTA

published on 6/24/20 1:56 PM

Bulgaria in Pictures

Plovdiv – the beautiful Viennese Pavilion in the King Simeon Gardens – a favourite place for promenades and relax for the citizens of the city.   Photo: BTA

published on 6/23/20 2:01 PM

Bulgaria in Pictures

The village of Sveshtari, Razgrad region. The most significant tourist site in the region – the Thracian Tomb within the Archeological Reserve of Sboryanovo, opened doors for visitors. However, they are compelled to observe all anti-epidemic..

published on 6/22/20 2:06 PM