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Two of the three big fires raging in Bulgaria are under control

Photo: BTA

The fire near Dupnitsa has been extinguished and the partial state of emergency put in place in the town has been lifted.

The situation was aggravated after a pine forest caught fire close to Struma motorway, and the fire spread to an illegal waste dump under one of the bridges over the motorway that leads to Greece. The smoke gassed part of the town and the authorities declared a partial state of emergency.

The big conflagration in the region of Haskovo has been localized. Efforts to extinguish it completely will continue today, fire fighters, military personnel and forestry workers are monitoring the perimeter of the over 80 hectares affected.

Efforts to put out the fire in the landfill close to Shishmantsi village near Plovdiv, which is now smoldering in depth, have continued for more than 50 hours. As a result of the conflagration thick smoke covers the area. 

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