Balkan developments

Turkey-Greece crisis in Eastern Mediterranean continues NATO has not made any headway in halting the escalation of tension between Turkey and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey wants negotiations without preconditions. Greece is..

published on 9/11/20 1:27 PM

Protesters in Bulgaria do not want a restart with already compromised politicians

The start of the autumn political season in Bulgaria was given on September 2 with a sitting of the MPs from the 44 th National Assembly, strong public discontent and increased police presence. Citizens protesting against the country's government,..

published on 9/3/20 8:56 AM

Diverse declarations in National Assembly at start of new parliamentary session

The autumn session of the 44th National Assembly has started turbulently. Tension was high both in front of the Parliament building, where a clash broke out an hour earlier between protesters against the ruling party and gendarmerie forces, as..

published on 9/2/20 1:31 PM

Solution to political crisis in Bulgaria is in peoples’ hands

The outcome of the political crisis in Bulgaria remains unclear against the backdrop of ongoing antigovernment protests and at the start of the new political season. This country’s cabinet refused to resign and proposed amendments to..

published on 8/31/20 12:45 PM

Reform in Bulgarian prosecution requires in-depth debate

Today, the ruling GERB party begins parliamentary consultations over convening Grand National Assembly, aimed at making changes to the state's major law. Constitutional reforms also envisage major changes in the judiciary, including reducing the..

published on 8/25/20 12:48 PM

Secret documents from beginning of transition period should already be available: historian

There are probably many hypotheses about the intertwining of interests between business, politics and services in the documents of the Bulgarian services, especially those about the 1990’s. If they have no legal value, they will have at least..

published on 8/21/20 3:57 PM

Ambassador of Netherlands to Sofia: I believe in Erasmus generation

I see a new generation growing up in Bulgaria that looks a lot like their coevals in the Netherlands. I call it the Erasmus generation- young people who can travel, know the world, speak foreign languages, studied abroad. It fills me with hope..

published on 8/20/20 5:48 PM
Daniel Smilov

Political scientist Daniel Smilov: New draft constitution is imperfect

The Bulgarian Constitution is about to fall victim to GERB's tactical political considerations, argues political scientist Daniel Smilov from the Centre for Liberal Strategies. In an interview for the BNR, Smilov said that GERB has a plan about how to..

published on 8/20/20 11:52 AM
Alexander Tomov (in the middle)

Prof. Alexander Tomov: Everything that we have achieved in the past 30 year has been obliterated

The leader of the "Together for Change" movement, Prof. Alexander Tomov, one of the creators of the current Constitution of Bulgaria, insisted at a briefing on amending GERB's project for changes in the Constitution. "The new draft constitution allows..

published on 8/19/20 7:14 PM
Nickolay Mladenov

Nickolay Mladenov: We must support the protesters against those who want to use them

"Last night’s events are not a way of out of the crisis, but a black hole, from which there is no way out! Who wants that?", Bulgaria’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay..

published on 8/18/20 6:10 PM