Haulers using alternative fuels to get toll tax discounts

Owners and drivers of cargo trucks and busses with EBPO,  VI and EEV emission standards running only on natural gas or bio ethanol will be refunded half of their road toll taxes. The users can get acquainted with the refund procedure on the web..

published on 4/2/20 11:48 AM
Briefing of Bulgaria's National Crisis Headquarters

Number of COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria is probably several times higher than the officially registered

The number of people infected with COVID-19 in Bulgaria is probably several times higher than the officially registered. Only two out of all 11 COVID-19 cases are officially registered. That is why we must strictly follow the principle of physical..

published on 4/2/20 9:56 AM

Balkan Gas Hub offers gas prices competitive to price of Russian gas

The day the Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission approved a 42% decrease in the price of imported natural gas, price of gas on the Bulgarian gas exchange dropped to a record low. The Balkan Gas Hub which is an operator of an online gas..

published on 4/2/20 8:57 AM
General Ventsislav Mutafchiyski

25 Bulgarians have recovered fully from COVID-19

37 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours. Thus, the total number of people diagnosed with coronavirus rose to 449, the National Crisis Headquarters announced. Forty-year-old man died in a Sofia hospital and a..

published on 4/2/20 8:33 AM
BICA Chairman Vasil Velev

The Bulgarian business calls for less stringent emergency measures after April 20

The Bulgarian business calls on the state authorities to adopt less stringent measures against COVID-19 after Easter , 24 Chassa daily informs. The state of emergency and the related measures are beginning to have a detrimental effect on the economy...

published on 4/2/20 7:37 AM

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Day 25

Bulgaria’s government calls for extension of state of emergency until May 13 The Bulgarian cabinet will submit a proposal to this country’s National Assembly to extend the state of emergency until May 13. Bulgaria is doing its best to limit the..

updated on 4/1/20 8:39 PM

Bulgaria wants to buy PCR tests for COVID-19 from USA: Premier Borissov

Bulgaria ’s Premier Boyko Borissov held a phone conversation with the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Boyko Borissov and Mike Pompeo discussed the measures Bulgaria and the USA are taking to limit the spread of COVID-19. It became..

published on 4/1/20 8:39 PM

Israeli company offers Bulgaria software tracking mobile data to map COVID-19

An Israeli company has offered the Bulgarian government an online platform for processing massive data quantities. The software tracks the people infected with COVID-19, their contacts and checks whether they observe the quarantine. Data will be..

published on 4/1/20 8:12 PM

Introduction of moratorium on bank loan payments in Bulgaria has been delayed

The introduction of moratorium on bank loan payments in Bulgaria has been postponed. On April 1 the Bulgarian National Bank had to come up with criteria for   temporary  public and private moratorium on bank loan payments. The extraordinary..

published on 4/1/20 7:28 PM

Premier Borissov thanks the Bulgarians for their efforts against COVID-19

The world is facing a huge challenge- a war that claims many innocent lives. We must do our best to protect the lives and the health of the Bulgarian people, this country’s Premier Boyko Borissov wrote on his Facebook page. The world is desperately..

published on 4/1/20 6:42 PM