The "new normal" and children’s psyche - what to expect?

Is it normal to communicate with your teachers online or through a Plexiglas barrier, to move in the school corridor only along a certain route marked with arrows, to wear a mask behind which you have difficulty breathing and you cannot express..

published on 9/18/20 1:56 PM

Vidin marks European Heritage Days with craft festival

Baba Vida fortress in Vidin is to host Craft Days festival with the support of Vidin Municipality and the Regional Historical Museum . On September 19 and 20, craftsmen are to present their works in the inner yard of the ancient fortress. Lovers..

published on 9/18/20 10:46 AM

Historical walk in Sofia shows how well we know our capital city

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia has been a center for different cultures, nations and ethnicities since ancient times, which is mainly due to its strategic geographic location- a crossroad between Western Europe and the Middle East. The city’s..

published on 9/17/20 11:43 AM

Bulgarian capital city Sofia celebrates its day

On September 17th, the Bulgarian Orthodox church honours the holy martyrs Faith, Hope and Love and their mother Sophia, and it is also the day on which Bulgaria's capital city celebrates its holiday . Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the traditional..

published on 9/17/20 10:22 AM

School year in Bulgaria starts with physical attendance with option for distance learning

Traditionally in Bulgaria, students return to school on September 15 th . Following the announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic in March and the subsequent distance learning measures, this will be the first contact of children and youngsters with their..

published on 9/15/20 2:40 PM

Psychologist on children's psyche amidst Covid-19 measures in schools

"The social distancing will be felt today, when only students from I, V, VIII and XII grades will be physically present in the school yards," school psychologist Gergana Krumova said in an interview for the BNR on the first day of the new school year in..

published on 9/15/20 1:56 PM
Bulgarian school in Cyprus

Bulgarian schools around the world welcome their students for new school year

A total of 382 Bulgarian weekend schools located on four continents have opened their doors today for the start of the new school year, Natalia Mihalevska, head of the Directorate "Education of Bulgarians Abroad and School Network" at Bulgaria's..

published on 9/15/20 1:41 PM

How to avoid bullying in schools

Bulgarian students are excited about September 15 when they will go to the classrooms for the first time after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the state of emergency. Along with the joy of meeting their classmates again, a problem..

published on 9/14/20 11:45 AM

Sofia to become wine capital of the Balkans for 3-day festival

Between September 17-19, Sofia will host the Balkan International Wine Competition and Festival for the  9 th  time, t he Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced on its website. A wine town will be built in the open-air space in..

published on 9/12/20 3:10 PM
International Mother Language Day, 2020

From Kyrgyzstan to Bulgaria in the footsteps of our ancestors

Kyrgyzstan, located in the Tian Shan Mountains in Central Asia, is little known in Bulgaria. Except, perhaps, with Lenin peak and the peak of Khan-Tengry located on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, climbed by Bulgarian alpine..

published on 9/12/20 7:10 AM