Strict anti-epidemic measures at Sofia Airport

Covid-19 continues to affect traveling both to Bulgaria and from this country to other European countries and the world. Despite recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Bulgarian citizens to refrain from unnecessary trips, if one..

published on 7/2/20 2:38 PM

July Morning – the day bringing the free-spirited together

There are many unofficial rituals and celebrations on the calendar, each with their own symbols, but as 1 July approaches generations of Bulgarians turn their minds to a classic rock song – July Morning. Seeing the sun come up on the..

published on 6/30/20 2:48 PM

Svetlozar Zhelev: Slow-pace living is not about speed – it is about the delight of the moment

After a weekend reading marathon when Svetlozar Zhelev had to read six books at once, the writer found an outlet for his emotions on Facebook: “I am creating a slow-pace movement – for slow reading, slow eating, slow drinking, slow..

published on 6/28/20 8:10 AM

Bulgarians in the Komi Republic: We disseminate the Bulgarian culture

In 1967 the USSR and Bulgaria sign a contract for joint logging with the Autonomous Komi Republic. For a quarter of a century, bound by this agreement, around 100 thousand Bulgarians live, work and study in Komi. Owing to them, the republic is able to..

published on 6/27/20 5:30 AM

Book in exchange for plastic waste in three Bulgarian towns

The latest edition of the “Books for trash” campaign will take place in Bourgas, Varna and Veliko Turnovo on 27 and 28 June. Anyone wishing to join the environmental initiative can bring unsoiled recyclable plastics for which they will receive..

published on 6/27/20 4:00 AM

Assimilation - challenge for Bulgarian communities in Western Balkans

Population census will take place in Albania in October and ethnic Bulgarians living in the country will also participate. Whether Bulgarians in Albania would be able to freely declare their ethnicity, and whether this would be correctly reflected by..

published on 6/24/20 12:42 PM

Medicinal herbs are at their most potent on Enyovden

The traditional culture of every nation has preserved the so-called alternative (natural) methods of treatment. When official medicine does not help, people resort to the alternative methods hoping that the wisdom of their ancestors is stronger..

published on 6/24/20 4:35 AM

Doychin Vladimitrov and the Black Princess of his water lily farm

An ex-army man with the hobby of growing exotic plants set up the first water lily farm in the country. He grows 38 varieties of the flower in ponds created specifically for the purpose on an area of 1.9 hectares near Pleven...

published on 6/23/20 2:09 PM

How to map trees while taking a walk in Stara Zagora’s Bedechka Park

IT specialist Petko Petkov is the author of a project for identifying and passporting trees in Bedechka Park and within the bounds of the town of Stara Zagora. He has now reached the web application stage, but a mobile application is..

published on 6/23/20 10:47 AM

New drive-in cinema, children's theatre open in Sofia

The roof of one of Sofia’s large shopping centres will become the venue of an open-air drive-in cinema and a theatre stage for children. For two weeks, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday there will be two screenings of the latest Bulgarian films...

published on 6/21/20 8:00 AM