Sunny Mikaela who is growing up in a happy world in spite of the state

At age four Mikaela knows all letters, can recite the alphabet and a poem by Ran Bosilek. According to doctors she should not be able to do any of these things. Mikaela was born with Down syndrome. When she gave birth to..

published on 1/15/20 12:58 PM

From the world of fashion modelling to organic farming in Bulgarian village of Akandzhievo

One could find everything in the lives of Valentina Dimitrova and Christian Vassilev – from the glamour of the catwalk and camera flashes, to the love that sparked after a meeting on the other side of the world and the enthusiasm of..

updated on 1/14/20 4:32 PM

Teacher from Hisarya will be Bulgaria’s representative image during Tokyo Olympics

A beautiful woman with a wreath of roses will be the image of Bulgaria during the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. A photo of her will be used for printing an anniversary stamp in Japan. Inspired by a painting by Vladimir Dimitrov -..

updated on 1/14/20 3:02 PM

Balkan Developments

Croatia has announced priorities of its EU Presidency Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković has presented the four priority areas of the Croatian EU Council Presidency: A Europe that is developing, a Europe that connects, a Europe that..

published on 1/13/20 3:31 PM

The Roma New Year combining in its traditions Christmas with St. Basil’s day

They call Borislav Asenov the poet from Sofia’s Roma neighbourhood Fakulteta because of his love of poetry and the collections of poems he has written in Bulgarian and in the Romani language. He has two university degrees..

published on 1/13/20 12:08 PM

Centenarian from Lovech continues to read books and solve crossroad puzzles

Rayna Zhekova who turned 100 in the autumn of 2019 continues to read, sew and solve crossroad puzzles. She was recently honored as Reader of The Year by the Regional Library in Lovech. On occasion of her 100 th birthday she received an..

published on 1/12/20 9:05 AM

Burgas Municipality fights air pollution through mass planting of saplings

In 2020 hundreds of saplings will be planted in the coastal city of Burgas within the frameworks of the campaign Plant A Tree as a measure against air pollution. Some of the money necessary for the purchase of the saplings will come from..

published on 1/12/20 9:05 AM

Kazanluk treasures the memory of the first Bulgarian luthiers

We are all as specks of dust in the centuries-long history of our town, our country and in the course of history. But there are people who have made a difference, leaving a legacy to the generations to come. Boncho, Stefan and Ivan Saranedelchev..

published on 1/12/20 9:00 AM

Many water birds prefer to spend the winter in Bulgaria

Many water birds prefer to spend the winter in Bulgaria, shows data from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. In the beginning of December last year the first concentrations of northern species such as the red-breasted goose,..

published on 1/11/20 9:05 AM

A rosary is something to be bought with the heart

To this day it is not quite clear how long rosaries have been in existence. There are, of course, all kinds of myths. According to one a Buddhist priest told a poor, illiterate Indian that he had to say 108 prayers. But the Indian answered..

published on 1/11/20 9:05 AM