Archaeologists discover Thracian sanctuary at construction site in Burgas

Archaeologists have found a Thracian pit sanctuary from the 5th-4th century BC in the residential quarter of "Izgrev" in the city of Burgas. At this stage, 14 cult pits have been discovered, very close to each other, said head of the archeological team..

published on 6/11/20 11:09 AM

Old Testament Holy Trinity icon donated to church in Bansko

An icon of the Old Testament Holy Trinity, donated to the Holy Trinity church in Bansko was consecrated today, Pentecost. The valuable icon was painted by monks from Docheiariou monastery on Mount Athos in Greece, where the original of the icon,..

published on 6/7/20 11:01 AM

The most prominent archaeological events of Summer 2020 – Part I

There exists an established public agreement about the concept of archaeology, which mostly revolves around excavations and mysterious treasure hunts. However, in the eyes of archaeologists, the real treasures are the unearthed artefacts – tiny fractions..

published on 6/6/20 6:30 AM

Today is Cherry All Souls' Day!

All Souls' Day, known as Cherry All Souls'Day, after the fruit popular in this season, falls on the Saturday before Pentecost. On this day Orthodox Christians honour their dead, go to their graves to clean them and pour water and red wine..

published on 6/6/20 4:00 AM

Bulgarian treatment saves Europe from deadly epidemic

At the end of the First World War, tens of thousands of people were struck by a mysterious disease - the so-called “sleeping sickness”, which made the devastated Old Continent suffer even more. In 1900, a 24-year-old man from the family of a folk..

published on 6/5/20 12:35 PM

Ancestral memory can give strength and change the future

What family line are we descended from, who was its founder and have they left a mark on Bulgaria’s history? The archives preserved at approximately 8,000 churches scattered across the 13 dioceses in Bulgaria are an invaluable source of information...

published on 6/3/20 11:23 AM

New church under construction in Kurdzhali

The church will be erected in the yard of the medieval monastery complex “St. John the Baptist” and will be named after St. Sophia and her daughters Faith, Hope and Love. “These are wonderful virtues, virtues that we all need in our..

published on 5/30/20 6:05 AM

Ilyo Voyvoda house-museum keeps memory of legendary revolutionary alive

Iliya Markov Popgeorgiev is one of the few participants in all stages of liberation processes in Bulgaria – from being a prominent “hajduk” (commander of armed bands) during the years of the Ottoman yoke, to participant in the military..

published on 5/28/20 4:25 PM

History museum in Yambol with online studios and games

Every Saturday, as of 23 may, the regional museum of history in Yambol is launching thematic studios and games on its website. Video streams entitled “Four stories and one museum” will acquaint viewers with intriguing and little-known..

published on 5/23/20 6:00 AM

Royal Mineral Baths in Bulgaria's Bankya regain authentic spendour after decades of oblivion

The emblematic building of the royal mineral baths in the small town of Bankya close to Sofia may soon start to receive visitors after years of ruin.  The impressive edifice has a history of over 100 years, as its construction began in 1907 under the..

published on 5/22/20 9:40 AM