Jamala – mythical creature that visits Bulgarians to give joy and courage in the New Year

Each year around Ivanovden, which used to be marked on January 20, according to the old calendar, in many villages in the regions of Sofia, Rousse and Lovech a folk ritual known as Jamala is performed. It is a male feast and is part of the..

published on 1/18/19 4:06 PM

French TV crew to make documentary about the Surva traditional festival

A French TV crew from Toulouse is to make a documentary about the folklore festival Surova (or Surva ) in Leskovets village near Pernik. The French journalists are working on a European project connected with masquerade traditions...

published on 1/13/19 10:30 AM

Ivanovden - customs, rituals and beliefs that come with the feast

On January 7 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of St. John the Baptist, also called Forerunner of Christ. In Bulgaria this day is known as Ivanovden When he was 30, John started preaching to people and baptizing them...

published on 1/7/19 4:04 PM
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In January the kukeri come out in Bulgaria to banish evil

With the start of the new year comes the time when people in Bulgaria welcome guests to their homes most often. It is said that guests can come uninvited on a name-day, and January is the month of the year that is just packed with name..

published on 1/5/19 8:00 AM
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Bulgarian Christmas and the tradition of carol singers

Even before the adoption of Christianity in Bulgarian lands and the celebration of the Nativity of Christ, the day after Christmas Eve used to hold a special place in the Bulgarian folk calendar – it was called Koleda (Christmas),..

published on 12/25/18 9:00 AM

Christmas Eve and the birth of Young God

In Bulgarian folk traditions the night before Christmas is known by several names. Of course, we usually call it Christmas Eve, and most of the traditions and rituals are well known. But few people know that in Sofia, northern Bulgaria and..

published on 12/24/18 8:00 AM

Misho Buzhev: accordion is my true friend

In 2018 Bulgarian accordionist Misho Buzhev celebrates three anniversaries-his 80 th birthday, his 70 th anniversary on stage and 35 years since the beginning of his record activity. The golden archives of the Bulgarian National Radio keep..

published on 12/21/18 11:21 AM
Обреден хляб за Игнажден

Ritual bread-making from Day of St. Ignatius until Christmas

“A new day, a new year,” Bulgarian people used to say on Ignazhden (Day of St. Ignatius of Antioch, marked on December 20). According to folk beliefs, it is on this day when the “young year starts.” The man who first enters one’s home on..

published on 12/20/18 2:29 PM

Petyo Kostadinov: Bagpipe is constant source of ideas and new musical discoveries

Renowned Bulgarian bagpiper Petyo Kostadinov celebrates his 50 th birth anniversary in 2018. Petyo Kostadinov is a skillful instrumentalist with remarkable playing technique, a successful interpreter of traditional horo chain dances and tunes and..

published on 12/13/18 2:47 PM

Miroslava Taskova: "Children are eagerly acquiring various skills when linked to Bulgarian history"

One of the greatest saints and miracle workers of the 4th century, Saint Spyridon, used to be ‘simple in nature, humble in heart and gracious in life’, as it was recorded. Today the Orthodox Church honors his memory. In traditional Bulgarian..

published on 12/12/18 4:29 PM