Bulgarian regions cannot develop at the same pace artificially

In four consecutive articles, Radio Bulgaria has focused attention on advantages, as well as investment and economic issues that Bulgarian planning regions face. Moving clockwise from the Northwest, North Central, Northeast and Southeastern..

published on 4/1/20 11:34 AM
Опашка пред НОИ

COVID-19: Emergency government measures to counter unemployment

After days of difficult negotiations between the government on the one hand, and the social partners represented by the trade unions and the employer organizations on the other, the government adopted a package of measures to compensate for the..

published on 3/31/20 12:50 PM

The human face of business during COVID-19 epidemic

During the coronavirus crisis that has been raging since March 13 this year, Bulgarian business is showing solidarity and social responsibility every day . And this is happening as business is severely affected by the pandemic and is..

updated on 3/27/20 12:31 AM

Unused opportunities in region of eastern Bulgaria

Eastern Bulgaria is divided into two planning regions framed by the lower Danube River to the north, the Black Sea to the east and Bulgaria’s southern neighbor Turkey. What are the specific characteristics of Eastern Bulgaria - north and..

published on 3/25/20 1:07 PM

We shall all feel the economic shock of COVID-19 but the unemployed and the people in the gray sector will be most vulnerable: Petar Ganev

As the coronavirus spreads, the act on the measures and actions during the state of emergency, promulgated in Bulgaria today, sets down mechanisms to protect the public and restrict damages to the economy. Some of the measures envisage halting..

published on 3/24/20 4:15 PM

First signs of recession in Bulgaria

Until a fortnight ago economic circles were talking of growth, of hiring more staff, of exports and imports, of prices and transport, of investments and of raising salaries. In the space of just10 days coronavirus changed all that. What everyone..

updated on 3/23/20 11:52 PM

There are three viable planning regions in Bulgaria

The territory of Bulgaria is divided into six planning regions, each covering several areas. They are important for shaping the policies that would be backed with EU funding. According to European legislation, in order to have a region,..

published on 3/18/20 2:50 PM

Business and authorities stand together against coronavirus

The state of emergency declared in Bulgaria last Friday over the outbreak of the new coronavirus has been quite flexible and soft until now. People are still allowed to travel, go to work and do shopping. Retail trade has suffered slight..

published on 3/17/20 12:25 PM
Industrial zone Vidin, on the Danube

Industrial areas, EU funds and the need for administrative and tax reform

To what extent can the proximity of a major economic center such as Sofia, which generates nearly 40% of the country's GDP, influence the development of the most backward region in Bulgaria – the country’s Northwest? We are looking for..

published on 3/11/20 2:58 PM

How the coronavirus confuses the plans of the Bulgarian economy

The coronavirus came to Bulgaria at a rather difficult time. Thousands of migrants are pushing to enter the EU from Turkey, and although they have little chance of crossing the tightly guarded border enclosures, the situation is of concern to..

published on 3/10/20 2:00 PM