Spotlight: The kukeri of Chargan village

published on 1/16/21 5:20 AM

It is Bulgarian Cinema Day

published on 1/13/21 9:10 AM

Women of Sofia – colourful and versatile

Who is the most impressive of the women in Sofia? Bulgarian photographer Vihren Georgiev is looking for an answer to this question through his new project in which he collects many faces of women whom he encountered, accidentally or not, in..

published on 1/8/21 4:26 PM
Theodore Ushev

Theodore Ushev named world’s most influential animator

Bulgarian animator, multimedia artist and film director Theodore Ushev tops the list of the most influential figures in world animation in the last quarter century. Ushev was ranked first in an international poll conducted among 25 leading critics,..

published on 1/8/21 10:03 AM

"Surva" Festival to take place in region of Pernik despite pandemic

By introducing flexible and adequate anti-epidemic measures, it will be possible for customs respected by Bulgarian citizens to be carried out, such as the upcoming traditional masquerade games in Pernik. This has been decided at a meeting with..

published on 1/7/21 1:33 PM

Platform offers viewers Bulgarian cinema and theater

The new streaming platform promises a longer life for Bulgarian films, even abroad, the Hristo Botev program of the Bulgarian National Radio has reported. The video library offers the richest collection of Bulgarian cinema..

published on 1/6/21 10:16 AM

Yanko Yanev – painter who leads us on a journey to the beauties of Bulgaria

"The Beauty of Bulgaria" - this is the name of a series of paintings by Bulgarian artist Yanko Yanev which have earned him the love of the public. In them everyone can find their favourite place in this beautiful country. Here are the old-time..

published on 12/25/20 11:20 AM

Young people from four continents to recite Bulgarian poetry at Christmas

Mariano from Peru dreams of being able to, one day, come and live on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Lara from Portugal wants to go to lectures at a Bulgarian university. But to be able to do that they both need to learn Bulgarian. And..

published on 12/22/20 9:00 AM

Over 4,000 spectators enjoy online premiere of Ivan Radoev Drama and Puppet Theater in Pleven

The first online premiere in the long history of Ivan Radoev Drama and Puppet Theater in Pleven was watched by over 4,000 spectators from different continents on the theater's website. "The Humiliated.Belarus" by Andrei Kuraychik, setup Yavor..

published on 12/19/20 6:10 AM

How a photographer and a dancer breathed new life into Voden village

It looked like Ivan-Alexander and Stefania had decided to go with the flow and see where it took them. But in fact they set off a series of wondrous events in a border village in Mount Strandzha. And while the pandemic has kept people at..

published on 12/18/20 9:20 AM

Georgi Gospodinov's novel "Time Shelter" to be published in France and USA

The new novel by popular contemporary Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov - "Time Shelter" is to be published in France by one of the largest and most prestigious publishing houses in the country - "Gallimard", BTA has reported. The book is expected to..

published on 12/16/20 1:42 PM

Most esteemed children’s art school in Pleven turns 30

Over the space of thirty years the young artists from “Kolorit” art school in Pleven have won over 7,000 prizes – gold, silver and bronze medals, awards and certificates from competitions in more than 30 countries, artist Maya Ananieva, head..

published on 12/12/20 10:10 AM