Bulgarian Aneta Rinaldi from Rome

The stringent measures imposed under the state of emergency in most European countries to check the spread of the coronavirus have foiled the plans of hundreds of Bulgarians who will not be able to..

What would Europe be like after end of epidemic and crisis?

This is t he point of view of Maria Dimitrova-Pichot, President of the Francophone Journalists Association in Bulgaria, reporting for Radio Bulgaria from the epicenter of the epidemic in Paris At..

UEFA insists national football championship should not be cancelled

Bulgaria risks not participating in Euroleague football matches in 2021 if the national football championship is not played until the end. UEFA wrote this in an explanation to its 55 member states. We are convinced..

Good ideas: how to spend your leisure time online

Closed up in our homes because of the danger of coronavirus infection, many Bulgarians have been trying to find useful ways to spend their time. And with the internet that is easy. The..