Atanasovsko Lake – home to rare bird species

The Atanasovsko Lake near the Bulgarian coastal city of Burgas has become a true home to beautiful rare birds, according to environmentalists. It seems the most attractive birds to tourists are the numerous pink flamingo birds that find peace..

published on 8/25/19 10:35 AM

"On the seventh day go neither to the café, nor the pub..."

On the last Sunday of August, Bulgarian tourists celebrate the anniversary of organized tourism in Bulgaria. It started on August 27, 1895 with climbing of Vitosha’s Cherni Vrah (2290m) by over 300 enthusiasts. Organizer of the hike was renowned..

published on 8/25/19 9:30 AM

Albena resort celebrates its 50th anniversary

Albena is a popular Bulgarian name and a popular female character by great Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov. His play of the same name, telling the story of the love affair of beautiful Albena, is among the most successful Bulgarian theater..

published on 8/24/19 9:35 AM
The fest of Bulgarian Tourist Union at Cherni Vrah

Climbing top 10 highest mountain peaks in Bulgaria – mission accomplished!

Each year the last Sunday of August is a special date for mountain lovers. Traditionally, on this day, thousands of tourists travel from various places to gather at the highest peak of Vitosha Mountain – Cherni Vrah /2290 m/, in order to mark..

published on 8/23/19 3:11 PM

To lose oneself in Yagodina

There is a village in the Western Rhodopes where you want to stay forever and forget about the way back home once you visit it. It is hidden from the world and the people who like loud entertainment. The road to this Bulgarian village is..

published on 8/23/19 1:43 PM

The newest village in Bulgaria is located in one of the cleanest locations on the planet

By a government decision, as of this year the St. Constanine vacation village overlooking the town of Peshtera in Southern Bulgaria, is the newest village in the country. Besides having a turbulent past, it located in one of the cleanest..

published on 8/22/19 12:47 PM

More foreign tourists choose to spend summer vacation in Bulgarian mountains

Whether because of the summer heat or the favorable conditions for mountain tourism, the number of foreigners who chose to spend their summer vacations in Bulgarian mountains is on the rise. A popular place is the mountain town of Elena, which..

published on 8/18/19 9:00 AM

Wildlife Eco park welcomes visitors in Dobroudzha

Deer, roes, Cameroon goats, boar and peacocks enjoy life out in the open in the new Eco park called Geranea. The facility with rolling green hills overlooking the Black Sea is open to visitors who want to see animals in their natural..

published on 8/8/19 2:22 PM

What is the kind of vacation Bulgarians can afford?

In recent years, salaries in Bulgaria have been rising by an average of 7-10% annually, but they remain the lowest in the EU and the average monthly wage is about 600 euros. According to trade unions, a four-member family in Bulgaria needs at..

published on 8/5/19 12:49 PM

Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova: More money for tourism advertisement is needed

The National Tourism Council discussed at a sitting the 2020National Program for Tourist Advertisement. The budget for tourist advertisement will increase. The exact amount will become clear at the end of August. The Bulgarian Ministry of..

published on 7/27/19 9:35 AM