Price-quality ratio in cultural tourism makes Bulgaria competitive

Bulgaria’s participation at this year's edition of the International World Travel Market in London went under the motto Bulgaria – A Discovery to Share. Along with traditional opportunities for summer and winter tourism, this country has..

published on 11/11/19 3:25 PM
Ordinary Opuntia (Opunitia humifusa), at the Standing Stones (Pobiti Kamuny) locality above Beloslav, Varna region

Invasive beauty of wild cacti in Bulgaria

The Lozen Mountain close to the Pancharevo Lake is one of the favorite places for residents of Sofia for relaxing walks during the weekends. Some meters away from the beaten path one can find a group of cacti growing in the wild. According to..

published on 10/27/19 8:20 AM

New mountain biking trail takes us to nature’s beauties of Tran region

"VeloErul" – this is the name of the first mountain biking trail in the municipality of Tran, western Bulgaria, which gives us the opportunity to see the magic of one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. The official opening of the trail..

published on 10/20/19 8:00 AM

Interactive museum exhibition recreates traditions in Bulgarian village of Chavdar

Folklore is the great intangible heritage of our people; it is so diverse and specific for different parts of our country that it is worth to be known by every Bulgarian. The idea for reenactment of folk customs and holidays should not only serve..

published on 10/16/19 2:22 PM

Bulgaria – a stopover for the young travelers from the Road Trip project

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of the EU for any country is, without doubt, the fact that its citizens are able to travel freely within the community. And more and more young people do travel – on organized tours or..

published on 10/5/19 8:00 AM

Sofia has huge potential for development of Spa tourism

Perhaps you would be surprised to learn that for every pain or health problem you can find a suitable healing mineral spring in Bulgaria. There are over 500 mineral springs in this country with a total flow of nearly 5,000 liters of water per second,..

published on 9/30/19 1:52 PM

British travel company Thomas Cook goes bankrupt, Bulgaria’s tourism loses nearly EUR 50 million

The British travel company Thomas Cook which is among the oldest and biggest travel companies worldwide, collapsed and caused trouble to some 600,000 tourists on all parts of the globe. The tourists are not the only ones affected by the recent..

published on 9/25/19 12:04 PM

Tours in the steps of emblematic personalities reveal new details from Sofia’s history

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia went through a lot of trials and vicissitudes in its millenial history. However, the city managed to preserve its rich cultural heritage from different eras of its existence. Today, Sofia continues to surprise even its..

published on 9/17/19 3:10 PM

Old fishing stories and traditions attract tourists on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Experienced knitters of fishing nets will tell stories about the life and the work of the people from the ancient fishing villages, some of which are well-preserved along the Black Sea coastline. The citizens of Burgas want to keep this ancient..

published on 9/15/19 9:00 AM

New subject for tour guides opens in Burgas University to help Bulgarian tourism

A new subject (tour guides and animators) will open in the beginning of the academic year at the College of Tourism, which is part of the Burgas University due to the deficit of personnel in the tourism field. The students will study theory of tour..

published on 9/14/19 9:20 AM