Summer festival in Vidin brings together the young and enterprising

Photo: thebridgefestival

The 10th edition of the teenage arts festival the Bridge Fest in the town of Vidin, close to the historical fortress Baba Vida on the Danube, is over.

Even the organizers themselves say they were surprised by the turnout this year. All the vacancies in the workshops were filled – by more than 400 young people aged 16 to 21. There were more than 20 workshops specializing in theatre, cinema, guitar, drums, acting and documentary film directing. The festival brought together children and young people from all parts of the country.

Here are the impressions from the festival of Sofia and Radostin – brother and sister, aged 21, from Sofia who went to the festival in Vidin as volunteers – to help in the preparations and the organization of the event.

Radostin describes his participation in Bridge Fest as very rewarding and inspiring for the future development of young people. He is a student of culturology at Sofia University and a graduate of English Language School no.1 in Sofia. Radostin is interested in music and plays the guitar.

“There was so much work there for us – volunteers, we brought food and water to the participants, it was very hot there. There were 25 of us, volunteers, and we were together all the time. We trusted each other and worked as a team from day one. We prepared the terrain for the festival, put up tents, it was hard work but with all the fun and laughter we had, time flew by. Everyone did their bit, all it took was motivation and drive. At an event like this we are all one big family.”

Sofia took part in the previous edition of the event:

“I first took part in this festival in 2015. I was 16 then, but all members of the Bridge Fest team, who were in their 20s, treated us as equals,” says Sofia, and goes back to the first time she took part in the event:

“I joined the drawing workshop. It was incredible, even though it was my first time at a festival of this kind, I felt I knew and was friends with all of these people. I was really impressed at the time and I said to myself that they were the kind of people I wanted around me in future. So, if I want to take up something they do, why not keep in contact with them? The atmosphere in Vidin brings people together.”

Sofia is currently studying graphic design at Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. Her choice was also influenced by the people she met at the Vidin festival and her experience there. She says graphic design affords ample opportunities for self-expression – “graphic design is the first thing that catches the eye when you are buying something or surfing the internet. Graphic design is all around, even on the metro ticket you buy every day.”

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