Bulgarian Red Cross holds charity campaign in support of children injured in road traffic accidents

You are about to go on holiday in several days or hours and you have already made your holiday plans. In few kilometers you will reach your holiday destination and you cannot wait to leave your car and forget about the problems and the tasks at..

published on 8/22/19 11:57 AM

Bulgarian belt buckles and the secrets they hold

One of the most striking elements of the female national costume in Bulgaria are, without doubt, the belt buckles (pafti). Made out of different metals they are ornate, elaborate, decorated with quaint figures and patterns, and are regarded as a..

published on 8/21/19 11:36 AM
Foto: Xinhua / BTA

Balkan Developments

Series of wildfires rage in Greece The high temperatures in combination with strong winds caused a series of wild fires in different regions in Greece. The Greek authorities have launched investigation into the causes of the wildfire, including..

published on 8/19/19 12:59 PM
Pazardzhik ensemble for folklore songs and dances

“Experience Bulgaria” magazine draws inspiration from Bulgarian tradition

The second issue of the magazine “Experience Bulgaria” for 2019 is about to come off the press. “The focus this time is on embroidery,” says publisher Dr. Svetlana Radeva. Dr. Radeva is under the spell of Bulgarian embroidery thanks to..

published on 8/19/19 12:12 PM

Animals in Dobrich Zoo cool down with ice cream

In the hot August days, the bears Berna and Kostadin at the Nature and Animal Protection Center in Dobrich are cooling down with fruit ice cream. The ice-cream is prepared in a 10-liter container with water, grapes, cubed apples, plums, pears,..

published on 8/18/19 9:50 AM

Number of unemployed Bulgarians declining

Over the last quarter, the economic activity rate of the population aged 15-64 has increased by 2% compared to the same quarter of 2018, according to the National Statistical Institute (NSI). The employment rate indicator of the population..

published on 8/17/19 9:25 AM

Sabi Atipov: Emigrants would return when Bulgaria caught up to more developed European countries

Bulgarian expatriates in Spain havemanaged with their own resources and efforts to open four schools in the northern part of the country /mainly in the region of Navarra/, so that their children could learn their mother tongue and preserve their..

published on 8/16/19 3:45 PM

The network of festivals of historical reconstruction in Bulgaria is expanding

Out of the 1,000 festivals or so in Bulgaria, historical reconstructions occupy a special place – opulent, colourful and bringing in crowds of viewers. “For some years there has been a drive to popularize Bulgarian history and many..

published on 8/16/19 12:32 PM

Animal rescue volunteer Sylvia Stoycheva: We have the obligation to spread our love and expect nothing in return

Sylvia Stoycheva, volunteer in a wildlife rescue campaign helps wild animals caught in the “traps” of the city. She has made her dream come true - a successful career in the world of fashion and the media. But some years ago she left the..

published on 8/15/19 12:24 PM

What are the types of cars Bulgarians mostly buy and drive?

Bulgarians cannot do without cars as shown by statistic data on the number of cars and the population of the country. Bulgarians are less than 7 million people, but the cars in this country are about 4 million. But it is interesting to know..

published on 8/14/19 2:50 PM