First step towards building a gas hub in Bulgaria

Bulgaria does not have any significant gas deposits, nor is it a major gas market, what it does have is big plans in this field, most of all with the project for a European gas hub and an exchange for supplying clients from different European..

published on 8/2/19 1:46 PM

Bulgarian banks paving country’s way to Euro Zone

Bulgarian banks have withstood European stress tests as well as capital and asset controls, the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank reports. Six Bulgarian banks have been tested, including the four largest ones – UniCredit Bulbank,..

published on 7/30/19 3:21 PM

Bulgarian company in Devnya invests nearly EUR 13 million in new facility.

An industrial producer of nitrate, phosphate and combined fertilizers, ammonia, salts and compressed gasses received a class A investment certificate by the Bulgarian Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov. Agropolychim is a leading producer in..

published on 7/28/19 9:05 AM
Presenting the annual

The shades of gray in Bulgarian economy

A large part of the Bulgarian economy is operating legally, paying all necessary taxes, salaries and social security contributions. But there is also an economic sector operating illegally or semi-legally and generating about 20-30% of GDP,..

published on 7/3/19 2:16 PM

What do Bulgarians spend their savings on?

Thriftiness if a distinguishing feature of the Bulgarians, various researches, including the latest survey which studies the reasons why Bulgarians save for rainy days show. Financial expert Desislava Nikolova who is part of My Money financial..

published on 6/25/19 1:02 PM
Tomislav Donchev at the

Small and economically-active Bulgarian municipalities register higher employment and earnings

The industrial zones are of key significance to the development of the regions, Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier Tomislav Donchev contends. Highest salaries are paid in regions with highest employment, analysis of the Institute for Market Economics..

published on 6/24/19 1:09 PM

Company producing air conditioning control systems opens 250 new jobs in Bozhurishte near Sofia

One of the largest companies in the automotive industry – Behr-Hella Thermocontrol (BHTC) has invested 16.2 million euros to expand its plant in Bulgaria, located in the economic zone of Bozhurishte. Thus, production in the company may double...

published on 6/22/19 8:00 AM

DB Cargo to revive a plant in Karlovo

DB Cargo , which is the management company for the Rail Freight Business Unit of Deutsche Bahn has entered into a deal to buy the failed Wagon Repair Plant in Bulgaria’s Karlovo. Created in 1964 the plant was declared insolvent in 2013, and bankrupt..

published on 6/15/19 9:30 AM

Is Bulgaria heading towards reduction of value added tax?

The currency board with the Bulgarian national currency being pegged to the Euro, the flat income tax amounting to 10% and the 20% value added tax are among the main pillars of the Bulgarian economy. There are hardly any economists and..

published on 6/11/19 11:32 AM

After a record high in 2018, bank profits in Bulgaria continue ascent

For the first four months of this year banks in Bulgaria are reporting a net profit of 232 million euro /454 million Leva / or 14.5 percent more than in April 2018. Sega newspaper comments that this double-digit..

published on 6/6/19 12:01 PM