Kapana Gallery launches "Open Art Files"

The Plovdiv-based Kapana Gallery hosts the exhibition “Open Art Files – notes below the line”. The exposition is organized within the frame of the platform for popularizing contemporary Bulgarian art of the Open Arts Foundation. It is part of..

published on 8/21/19 12:52 PM

Young actress Chloe Rahal to star in second Bulgarian movie

Chloe Rahal is daughter of Bulgarian actor Bashar Rahal, who has played many roles in Hollywood movies. Chloe Rahal is currently shooting in a second Bulgarian movie. Recently, she has become a winner of the American National Youth Arts Awards...

published on 8/20/19 2:45 PM

Family of artists with joint exhibition at “Mexican House” in Old Plovdiv

Under the motto "Together Again", the “House of Mexican Art” in the Old Town of Plovdiv attracts visitors with works by Krasimir Slabakov, Maria Slabakova and their son Stefan. For the first time the family has organised a joint exhibition in..

published on 8/17/19 8:45 AM

Eccentric paintings by British artists surprise visitors to National Art Gallery

From August 8 to September 8, the National Art Gallery in Sofia hosts an intriguing exhibition of 45 large-format paintings created by British artists John Kiki and Darren Barker. John Kiki is the more popular of the two artists as his work is..

published on 8/11/19 8:15 AM

Shooting films with a mobile phone is possible

The possibilities of modern mobile phones are growing as well the creative ideas that can be realized with them. This has been seen in the competition for films shot with a smartphone – Huawei Smartphone Film Festival. The first prize went to..

published on 8/10/19 8:25 AM

Writer Martin Ralchevski: We must believe Bulgaria would continue to exist!

At the backdrop of consumerist attitude towards the world around us, speaking about faith in God and eternity is becoming an increasingly difficult task. However, writer Martin Ralchevski manages to openly and beautifully recall in his books the..

published on 8/9/19 2:42 PM

Bulgarian writer Elitza Georgieva enjoys popularity among French readers with “The Cosmonauts are just Passing By”

A story of a girl going to a school by the name of a cosmonaut and dreaming of becoming a cosmonaut herself. The girl is growing in a time of transition between different eras – she is caught between the collapse of communism and the early years..

published on 8/6/19 3:23 PM

Staro Zhelezare village once again hosts Street Art Village Festival

Until the end of August, the village near Plovdiv is once again hosting Staro Zhelezare Street Art Village Festival. The village itself has no more than 400 inhabitants. Every year the people behind this project – artists Katarzina and..

published on 8/4/19 9:05 AM

Seaside Garden in Varna turns into large-scale arts and crafts exhibition

For the 23rd time the International Fair of Crafts and Arts “Bulgarika” will become a venue for a big number of artists and craftsmen. In the period August 1– 21, some of the best artisans in the fields of fine and applied arts, crafts and music..

published on 8/1/19 3:27 PM

Plovdiv hosts International Folklore Festival between July 29 and August 2

Dance groups from three continents will arrive in Plovdiv for the International Folklore Festival that will be held between July 29 and August 2. The festival will be held for the 25 th consecutive year. Folklore groups and ensembles from..

published on 7/28/19 9:25 AM